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hydra marvel wiki

Strange Tales - это серия антологий Marvel Comics. Название возрождалось в разных Здесь также была представлена ​​террористическая организация HYDRA. Гидра - вымышленная террористическая организация, фигурирующая в Американские комиксы, изданные Marvel Comics. Название «Гидра» является намеком на. Гидра (англ. Hydra) — террористическая организация, которая раскинула свою преступную сеть по всему миру. Была создана в нацистской Германии, чтобы.

Hydra marvel wiki

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What was left was kept by S. The object is an anachronistically advanced metal device in an ancient pyramid. In the end, the is deemed too dangerous to be allowed to exist, and it blasted off on a rocket into the Sun. It is revealed by the computerized brain of Arnim Zola that since S.

HYDRA secretly operated within its ranks, sowing chaos across the world in the hope that humanity would willingly surrender its freedom in exchange for safety. The new helicarriers, created for Project Insight , would sweep across the country, eliminating these individuals with their satellite-guided guns, including President Ellis , Bruce Banner , Stephen Strange and Tony Stark.

However, Captain America , along with Black Widow and Falcon , managed to stop the plan and destroy the helicarriers with their own weaponry. Later, at an undisclosed HYDRA underground lab, Baron Strucker is informed by one of his subordinates that Nick Fury has revealed there existence to the present world at large and some of there sleeper agents have been discovered.

Strucker is not overly concerned as they have many more followers hidden around the world. Strucker has within his possession two secret weapons, including the Chitauri Scepter and "the twins" intending to use against Captain America and his friends. Ward frees Raina from her confinement and introduces Garrett to her as the Clairvoyant.

Garrett and Ward then raided the Fridge, freeing its prisoners and stealing weapons including the Berserker Staff and the from Peru. Strucker was handed over to NATO. In prison Strucker was killed in his cell by Ultron. Carson managed to make off with a derived version of the particles that Cross created.

The group was infiltrated by a time traveling Steve Rogers who was after the Scepter and the Mind Stone it held. In the Stark Tower lobby, Pierce and his men, attempted to take custody of Loki and the Tesseract but were fought on the matter by Thor and Tony Stark. Their sole purpose was to engineer his return and worship him. They would periodically sent over individuals through the monolith for hive to feed on and extend his health and longevity. Whatever Nazi beliefs that were discarded from carried on from this division remains a mystery, though the HYDRA organization does believe itself superior to others.

One of their recurring mottos is, "Cut off one head and two more shall takes its place," a tribute to the mythological creature on which it gains its name. This proves itself true time and again when many times their enemies have believed they have defeated HYDRA only to discover they have already arranged a contingency plan.

When they realized they could not win through brute force during WWII, Zola and some of his fellow colleagues decided to infiltrate SHIELD and use acts of terror to slowly make the world desperate for protection. Johann Schmidt himself used the Luger P Even before they harnessed the power of the Tesseract, the scientists of HYDRA developed several advanced weapons, like flamethrowers.

As a consequence, the Wheel later disbanded. In , [59] S. Soon after having become director, Fury recruited into S. This way, Strucker learned from "Davidson" how to have access into S. This way, the real Davidson easily had access to Hydra systems, and Fury used them to observe Hydra while Hydra was observing S.

Strucker and Baroness Adelicia von Krupp once captured the C. During this time, Strucker and Dr. In , he directed an Hydra operation to break Fort Knox , but he was stopped by S. Vermis later moved in Europe , where his Hydra faction was responsible for the creation of the agent later known as Spider-Woman.

One of them, controlled by Madame Hydra , was opposed by Captain America. When S. Executive Board was controlling Hydra, A. Time later, the U. Headquarters in Manhattan , killing agents in the act. Hydra successfully placed three secret agents, dubbed the Super Agents of S. They were assigned to Nick Fury, who had to train them. While investigating in the ruins of the destroyed S. Headquarters, Nick Fury discovered that the S. Fury and his allies defeated Hydra, Strucker escaped and agent Kate Neville was killed in the mission.

Despite his reorganization of the group, various independent Hydra factions continued to operate and a Hydra Civil War would later result. At some point, legendary Hydra agent Kraken went on his own to Kobe , Japan , and gave the Godkiller blade to Tomi Shishido, aka the Gorgon , to help him achieve his destiny. Gorgon became the High Priest of the Hand, their leader, and allied the Hand and the Brotherhood splinter group the Dawn of the White Light that he formerly led as well with Hydra.

Elsbeth von Strucker soon considered Gorgon as being the one awaited by the Sickly Ones. As Gorgon left to follow their goals in leading Hydra, "ushering in the end with infinite resources" , the sickly masters of the Hand erected a resurrected " Elektra " as a queen to rule from the East. When Edgar Lascombe took over as leader and under his command, Hydra planned an all out attack on the United States by smuggling missiles into New York for use in a planned bio-weapon assault on the Ogallala Aquifer.

In the closing days of the foiled Skrull invasion , Strucker destroyed his undersea base Ichor , which was crawling with Skrull infiltrators. He then changed his plans from subverting the world to conquering it. Strucker learned about this and in turn gathered his new ruling council of Hydra: Viper , Kraken , the Hive , and Madame Hydra. To complete this council, they had the Hand resurrect Gorgon.

This new direction began by stealing technology from secret S. However, he proved unsuccessful. Madame Hydra and Viper negotiated with the Clan Yashida to gain possession of the Box, a mysterious artifact. Leviathan forces assaulted Hydra, kidnapping Viper. Madame Hydra brought them the Box, passing it off to Hydra as a negotiation to rescue their companion.

In truth, she had been working for Leviathan the entire time. Using the Heart contained within the Box, Magadan revived countless Leviathan agents from Overwinter cryostatis, including Orion , their leader. This led to an all-out war between Leviathan and Hydra. A discussion between the groups dissolved merely into fighting.

However, Strucker was able to get a mole in the Secret Warriors: Hellfire. Kraken turned on Baron Strucker, taking him captive. Kraken put him in a room with Strucker. He then revealed his true identity: Jake Fury. The Fury brothers then revealed the truth to Strucker. Strucker had been working for Fury the whole time. Fury then killed Strucker with a shot to the head. A "new" Hydra was created by Hydra Queen along Baron Zemo , soldiers who where trapped in Land of Nowhere , soldiers form the "old" Hydra and new members, under the concept that the "old" Hydra failed at their commitment.

Madame Hydra then resume leadership of Hydra once again. At some point, Baron Zemo regained leadership of Hydra. They also started to recruit new Inhumans after the Terrigen Mist cloud transformed humans with Inhuman ancestors. One of their recruits, a boy called Lucas , possessed a toxin in his blood that could sterilize human beings. Some time later, Wilson helped a hacktivist known as the Whisperer evade S.

The Whisperer repaid Wilson with intel on Hydra, extracted directly from them. In the following six months, Captain America and S. He was eventually stopped and captured by S. To this end, Kobik replaced the real Captain America with a twisted version of himself from a version of history Kobik herself manufactured, one in which Rogers was indoctrinated into Hydra since he was young.

After escaping from S. That was when Rogers made his move. He beat the Skull to a pulp before hurling him through a window, sending the Skull to his death. With the Skull out of the way, Rogers took his place as the head of Hydra. Commanding S. After taking control of Hydra, Rogers spent months of planning that would allow Hydra to take over the United States.

He took possession of Chitauri queen eggs that causes a wave of trillions of Chitauri to launch an invasion of Earth.

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